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My sketchbooks aren’t doing their jobs unless they have food stains in them…

Never heard back from the girl who won the Name the Bear giveaway 😟 so I decided to order 5 prints and pick another person who entered to have a print with some goodies and keep the name that won… Is that fair? The other 4 will be up for grabs for about £15 each if anyone is interested 😊

Haven’t shared much lately, mostly because I’ve been wobbly and anxious the past week so everything I’ve done has been shaky… Working on typography for a uni project and it turned out quite well despite the wobbliness! So yeah I’m still alive and will hopefully get more stuff up soon 😁 #illustration #typography #ink #retro #handlettering #stuff

Forgot that it was #inktober today so did a thing real quick! Sorry I haven’t really posted anything recently, I need to set up my scanner after moving back for uni and settling in etc 😊

After a bad start to the day I ended up working on my Hagrid “doodle” for for the rest of the day to cheer me up! Good old Haggers!

The Dark Lord’s most loyal servant ended up looking like a tree! 

Thought I would join in on ‘s for my warm up! Dobby is freeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Just want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who has commented so far!

Some great name suggestions across here, facebook, twitter and instagram and it’s going to be impossible to choose!
I’ve decided that I’m going to pick my favourites and pick out of a hat to make it fair (mostly because I’m so indecisive haha)

The person whose suggested name gets picked will get the illustration above as an A4 signed print so be sure that I’m able to personal message you if you’re picked so I can get your address to send it to you!

Will pick a name and announce it on Wednesday so keep an eye out!

Big thank you again, the feedback has been so uplifting!

Need to give this Bear a name, preferably beginning with ‘B’ for alliteration… Any suggestions? :)

EDIT: I’m thinking of putting together a small original signed print and story if someone can name the bear - would anyone be interested?

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BFG and Sophie illustration for Roald Dahl Day!

The BFG was one of my favourite Roald Dahl stories (Danny the Champion of the World my ultimate fave) as a kidling so thought I’d put my take on it!


My doodles started as a break from working on Penny Ellie but now I’ve got a story unfolding in my mind… Bear and Bunny - an unlikely friendship. Anyway, here’s Bunny teaching Bear how to dance… #illustration #doodle #sketch #drawing #storyidea

The best characters come from mindless doodles! #pencil #sketch #doodle #bear #rhitown #illustration

'Colourful shoes make for the tastiest snacks'
Lunch time mixed media doodle featuring my greasy paw prints #illustration #doodle #pastels #mixedmedia #donteatanddraw

Forgot to post this warm up from yesterday - was rather rushed because I was dying to get on with bigger things :)