illustration and all things blue da ba dee da ba da

So I had an idea for the gull that I posted last week and roughly painted up the idea (first image) and went on to paint it properly.

Got to this point (second image)  and I’m wondering if I should leave it as it is, carry on painting the people by hand, or carry on digitally so I don’t ruin what I’ve done so far…

I’ve been thinking about it all morning and started something else to avoid making a decision. If anyone fancies throwing a cheeky suggestion my way or have any advice about what I should do? it would be much appreciated!

thank you! :)

it’s happened..all the things you draw look like kneel xD

loving the idea of kneel wearing a crop top and tight shorts going around stealing peoples squares bahahahaha

It’s the simple things in life that make you happy - like finding a perfect square.
Crater boy is missing a perfect square…
Frame for an animated gif I’m working on concerning the invasion of caterpillars in my room…
Gouache gull from the other day~
I doodle this gull design all the time but still haven’t thought of a name that suits her. hmmm.
Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately!
Mostly settled in the new house now and getting over an illness that’s been hanging around for a couple of weeks. ~~Also had a moment of clarity in the methods I use to illustrate so I’ve been sketchbooking for the most part which I’ll upload when I have a scanner
Anyway, this is Bruno and Yeezus my cactus babies~~~
another design for a sign/logo that I’m working on at the moment~~I think it’s okay to post this~~
one of the rough designs for a sign that I’m working on - not sure if I can post them online yet so will just stick with this one for now~
Some quick studies of the many plants I see on my daily walks with Titch! Going to make a zine about my walks and some of the routine and funny situations that happen when walking my weird dog~~
Fixed my tablet driver! wOOoooOOo
Here’s a warm up doodle very much influenced by Oliver Jeffers - I’ve been looking at his sketchbook work too much lately…
Yeah, so I’m working on some cool stuff and hopefully I’ll have moved and my desks and art stuff unpacked and set up by the end of the week to get a move on with all these ideas!

so the taxi drive into college was… awkward…


Squished fly in my sketchbook doodle


Squished fly in my sketchbook doodle

Working on some things over the next week to make some prints etc to hopefully make a bit of money to live off over the summer~ enjoy~~